23 Feb 2019

Best Weight Loss Regime for you that Really Works

If you’re one of those who is trying to lose some calories naturally then this blog is surely going to come handy to you. Losing weight can be quite a daunting task for us, but if you follow these natural weights lose tips, I am sure you can do it in just some months. Cutting down your extra calories makes you fit and really healthy, so in this blog I have tried to give you these exclusive tips.

Weight Loss homeopathy treatment in Pune

Here are few easy diet tips that can help you in your weight loss journey.


Do’s – Replace simple carbs with complex ones. That is start having more of Bajra, Jowar, ragi, nachini, brown rice.

Don’ts – Say no to pasta, rice, noodles, potato.


Higher intake of proteins leads to high metabolism and it revs up calorie burn. High Protein makes you fuller and thereby reduces carb consumption. Prevents muscle loss as well.

Enriched sources: egg, chicken, fish and yoghurt.

Vegan sources are almond milk, coco milk, mushroom, oats, soya, tofu.

Omega 3 fatty acids: is thermo genic in nature. Helps in burning fat, improve blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

Veg sources are: Flaxseed, almond, walnut, chia seeds.

Fish : salmon, sardines.

Fibres: 3-4 servings of low sugar fruits and veggies is the best way to keep your belly fuller and healthier. Helps to lose weight reduces constipation.

Low sugar Fruits: Apple, pear, guava, papaya, berries, kiwi, and pomegranate.

Veggies: all green leafy

Water: drinking water one hour before meals can boost the body’s metabolism and also it is mandatory not to take water just after your meal. You must wait atleast 30 minutes after the meal and then drink water to get best & significant results.

Green Tea: Medical practiceners and doctors suggest that regular consumption of green tea may promote weight loss by boosting metabolism.

This blog is written by Dr. Harsha Choudhary, a leading Homeopathic Doctor in Dhanori, Pune. Her clinic aims at providing world class homeopathy treatment for patients suffering from various ailments such as Diabetes, Arthritis, weight loss, piles, back pain, knee pain, high blood pressure, asthma, cancer and other disorders / diseases.

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