Harsha's Healing - Introduction to sujok

Introduction to Su-jok

Among several alternative therapies which have enormous health and healing benefits. One of the most popular is Sujok. Simplest healing art which even patients can do on themselves. Sujok is a Korean word SU means hands and JOK meaning feet. So, Sujok means treating on hands and feet for the whole body ailment. It’s a natural therapy which is totally drugless. One can achieve immediate, effective and permanent results with Sujok and it’s absolutely safe without any side-effects.

Principles of Sujok: It’s an art of healing. The most marvellous aspect of this therapy is its simplicity. Complete human body is depicted on the hands and feet by finding the accurate therapeutic points of organs and stimulating them, cure can be achieved in a very short span of time. One can overcome illness, sufferings of all kind, be it acute or chronic diseases. Sujok sessions lasts for about half an hour (therapist giving treatment to the patient) and one may require of minimum 10 such sessions to experience the change in any kind of chronic ailment or only few minutes to experience the magic of healing touch.

Two-dimensional treatment, physical and metaphysical physical therapy:


Physical Therapy: It includes correspondence therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, nail therapy, seed therapy twist therapy

Metaphysical: it works entirely on energy system. Energy flows in our body to animate the inanimate being. Whenever there’s disharmony in the flow of energy either it’s deficient or excessive it gives rise to diseases in the body. The cure is brought about by harmonizing these energies, it includes therapies like 6 ki, 8 ki, Sujok ki, Diamond Energy System, Chakra Energy System, Meridian Energy System, Direction Therapy, Tri Origin Mantra, Tri Origin Mudra, Smile Meditation. its carried out by using various Sujok tools which are specially designed for the therapeutic purpose

  • Energy based healing art.
  • Hands and feet acts as a remote control of the body.
  • Entirely scientific based on try origin theory.
  • Logical and conceptual.
  • Provides Holistic healing.
  • Easy, quick and very effective.
  • Wonderful healing aid to humanity.
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