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Sujok is a traditional form of treating various diseases. It is a modern achievements in the domain of acupuncture. In Sujok therapy, certain points on the feet and palms are being pressed with the end goal treat a large number of diseases. According to the best Homeopathy doctors in Pune Vishrantwadi, certain point on one’s hand and feet is connected to specific organs. Accordingly, with the end goal to cure or maintain a distance from certain diseases, it is vital to figure out appropriate point and properly stimulate it.

The Essence of the Sujok Technique

The basic principle of Sujok therapy concludes that all the organs of human’s body have projections on the palms and soles of the feet. Likewise, there are other areas too with projection that points on various body parts, such as the auricles. However, a hand is most widely recognized because of its availability and similarity with the structure of the body.

The flow of vital energy gets disrupted owing to the issues in any organs of human body. This give rise to painful sensation to manifest themselves in the relevant areas. Homeopathy doctors in Pune Vishrantwadi states that Sujok therapy can restore the flow of energy in one’s body to a great extent that can help in healing certain diseases.

The sole aim of Sujok therapy is to enhance energy flow within one’s body by stimulating some points on the feet and palms. Sujok therapists can activate a diseased organ with the help of receptor points and helps patients to recover and maintains a harmony in their body.

Sujok therapy involves using some special tools for stimulating certain points. Such special tools includes, but not limited to small thin needles, special massagers, magnets, metal stars, natural stones, moxa (mini-devices for heating the active site), and so forth. Dried parts of some plants are also used such as, stems, leaves, cuttings, seeds, fruit, needles, petals, and so forth.

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