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“A great degree of individuals are spending a large amount of money as well as time in maintaining their health. However, they are not aware of there have long been effective proven methods to remain healthy. Mudra therapy is among one of the lesser-known, yet effective technique of maintaining health, energy balance and harmony in the human body”, says Dr. Harsha Choudhary, one of the best Homeopathy doctors in Pune Viman Nagar.

Mudra therapy is a multifaceted method of treating various diseases. Mudra therapy is nothing but special yoga for fingers: specific gestures, sacral positions of hands or combinations of fingers. Mudras therapy also involves special body postures, eye positions, certain breathing techniques. The word Mudra is derived from Sanskrit which implies “sign”.

Opting for Mudra Therapy in Pune Viman Nagar Can:

  • Bring surprising changes and improvements in life;
  • Generate enormous amounts of energy;
  • Provide instant relief from many ailments and diseases (ranging from simple earache and ending with a serious heart attack);
  • Establish rapid balance among all elements of the body;
  • Awake Kundalini energy, and that’s just the beginning.

The Homeopathy doctors in Pune Viman Nagar states that one’s health is literally in their own hands. Mudra therapy is an ancient science of treating various diseases. Mudras enhances the energy flow in one’s body that contributes a lot in healing several diseases, such as, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, high blood pressure, digestive system issues and that’s just the beginning.

According to Mudra therapists in Pune Viman Nagar, every finger of one’s hand represents one of the five elements of nature, that is, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

  • Thumb – Fire (Agni).
  • Index – Air (Vayu).
  • Middle – Space (Akasha).
  • Ring – Earth (Prithivi).
  • The little finger is Water (Jala).

With the end goal to establish and maintain a well balance between all the natural elements, there are special ways of touching and adding fingers. They are called hasta mudras. One can practice Hasta Mudra at any time of the day or night in order to restore health and well-being. Dr. Harsha Choudhary, one of the best Homeopathy doctors in Pune Viman Nagar, suggest each and every individuals to opt for Mudra therapy with the end goal to cure and maintain a distance from wide array of diseases. For any inquiries, you are requested to visit Harsha’s Healing. You can also call on +91-8839177925 to book your appointment, or fill in “Contact Us Form” on our official website.

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