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If you live in Aundh Pune and looking for best homeopathy doctor in Aundh Pune then probably you are at the right place. Harsha’s Healing a well known homeopathic clinic can help you get rid off health issues. Dr. Harsha Choudhary is an enthusiastic, dedicated homeopathy doctor and has served the Government Sector as a Medical Officer in National Health Mission for three long years.

What is Moxa Therapy?

Moxa therapy is also known as moxibustion. The moxa therapy involves heating the affected part of body by burning certain dried plants and other substances. Moxa therapy plays a great role in the overall recovery of the body and normalizes the work of internal organs. Smoldering cigar – moxa, are made in the form of a cigar or a cone, with the help of wormwood, juniper, leaves of some dried plants, and so forth.

According to the best homeopathy doctors in Aundh, Pune, one of the most common substances, which is being used for making moxa, is wormwood. They are widely used for treating pain in the stomach, for healing wounds and pulling pus, in the fight against parasites and problems with the intestines, in the treatment of liver and kidneys, as an anesthetic and hemostatic agent. Moxa therapy with wormwood is also very effective for colds, fever and joint pain, in the treatment of neurosis and insomnia. Being as a great disinfectant, wormwood, has long been used to fumigate premises for disinfection during epidemics.

The best homeopathy doctors in Aundh, Pune, says that there are two sorts of moxa therapy, that is, direct moxa therapy and indirect moxa therapy. In case of direct moxa therapy, the skin of a patients is being heated with the help of garlic or ginger plate. The patients will feel a sensation of heath that penetrates deep into the skin, however, there would be no pain.

A great degree of patients, these days, are opting for indirect moxa therapy, since it involves no overheating risk. With indirect moxa therapy, the skin of a patients are being heated with the help of a cigar that is placed one and a half to two centimeters above the skin surface. The indirect moxa therapy ends when the area where the therapy was applied turns red.

The moxa therapy is greatly suitable for both adults and young children as well. The best homeopathy doctors in Aundh, Pune, suggests opting for moxa therapy, since it can relieve sharp pains, improves immunity, stimulate the internal forces of the body, relieves swelling, used in the treatment of the spine, improve memory, improve the effect of other medications, kills bacteria, restores the circulation of vital energy, promotes relaxation and warming, and so forth.

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