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Introduction to Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the most effective, scientific and general form of all healing which is in accordance with the nature. Its beauty lies in its simplicity single similimum drug can do wonders if chosen correctly as per the case. Homeopathy brings cure without any side effects unlike other systems if medicine. The system doesn’t believe in suppression instead uproots the cause thereby healing in totality and cure is achieved.

Homeopathy is based on certain laws and principles organon is considered as the holy and philosophical book oh Homeopathy because it helps the healer/ physician to get the essence given by the Master himself. He has laid certain laws and theories as to how to take up a case, drug proving single simple remedy recovery of your and so on. Doctrine given by Dr.Hahnemann is Similia Similibus Curantur which means “like cures like”.

Homeopathic medicines come in drops, grains, or globules. The diameter of grain is approximately 3mm and that of globules is approximately 1mm. The homeopathic medicines (administered drops, grains or globules) are ought to be taken once. In certain cases, a patient may be advised to repeat the medicine, for instance, twice a day or every three hours, and so forth.

One must keep up with the provided guidelines by the homeopathic doctor in Pune. More often than not, the homeopathic medicines are repeated unless a reaction takes place. The time of the day or night when you take homeopathic medicines also play a major role. Generally, you will be advised to have the medications prior to certain meals, such as before breakfast. It would be an unquestionable idea to have no alcohol, coffee, tea or food prior to having the medication.  Just after couple of minutes of taking the medications, it will be absorbed, and then you can proceed to have your food.

At present, homeopathy is one of the most rapidly growing forms of medical treatment, and almost everyone practices it. The homeopathic treatment is well known in Pune, India owing to the safety, sweetness, and effectiveness of the pills in healing wide array of diseases without any side effects unlike other form of treatments. According to a research, it has been stated that more than 10% of Indian population relies on homeopathy for their medical requirements and is assumed to be the second most common form of treatment option all around the globe.

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