FAQ’S On Homeopathy

Is there any strict rules about diet and regimen in Homoeopathy?

The recommended rule is One should not consume any solid or liquid diet 15-20 minutes before and after taking the medicine. If you have consumed strong smelly substances like tobacco, alcohol, onion or garlic, then leave at least an hour, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and then consume the medicinal pills.

How much time Homoeopathy take to resolve ease the pain?

In Homoeopathy, the symptoms of the patient should exactly match the symptoms of the medicine so that the relief is obtained. So, when the selection of the medicine is proper, there should be relief to the patient even in minutes. Obviously, this is true for acute illnesses like cough, cold, fever etc. For chronic ailments like arthritis, allergic colds and coughs, asthmas and skin diseases which are affecting patients for years together.

Is there any surgery in Homoeopathy?

Homeopathy is a branch of medicine. The treatment faculty is the medicine that’s why there is no surgery.Homoeopathic medicines sometimes replace surgeon’s knife.

Can we take other treatments along with Homoeopathy?

For conditions like allergies, arthritis, certain skin diseases, etc., one should not continue other medicines as it becomes difficult to assess which one is working and poses difficulties in evaluation of the future treatment.

Is there any side effects of the Homoeopathic medicines?

Absolutely there are no major side effects but that does not mean that one should have a casual approach in taking the drugs. One must always remember that it is a medicine and has to be taken as per the guidelines of your Homoeopath. One must strictly follow the dosage and time of consumption of pills. In case someone accidentally consumes many pills at a time, inform your doctor and take the necessary step.

FAQ’S On Su-jok

Is Sujok (hand and foot acupuncture) only to treat hand and foot disesaes?

No. Though Sujok application is only done on hands and feet, it is capable enough to affect all the systems and whole body. As we press remote buttons and can control all operations of television.

It treat all the diseases?

Any kind of disease be it physical, mental or emotional can be taken care of with Sujok treatment.

How many days will it take to cure disease?

Treatment effectiveness and results can be seen from the moment therapy starts irrespective of the duration of illness. Acute cases gets relief within a matter of few minutes to few hours while in case of chronic cases it might take few sittings to bring satisfactory results. Usually 15 sessions are required initially.

Can a person undergo Sujok when he is under other mode of treatments like Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Conventional?

Yes, Sujok can be done along with any mode of ongoing treatment. No side effects. No contradiction.

Is there any side- effects of Sujok treatment?

Sujok is 100% safe. Absolutely no side effects.

How permanent is the treatment effectiveness?

It’s almost permanent if the therapist administer complete course of treatment and patient strictly follows the doctor’s advice on change in lifestyles (diet, regime, exercises, yoga).

What are the materials used in Sujok therapy?

Treatment in Sujok is done by using few tools and instruments like micro needles and micro magnets like star magnets, bar magnets, byol magnets, chakra magnets. Micro and mini moxa, chakra, rollers, ring massagers, probe, various kinds of seeds viz buckwheat, black pepper, flax seeds, palm leaf and many more naturally occurring aids.

Are needles safe to use?

They are absolutely safe. Sterilized needles are used every single time for acupuncture. There’s no chance of getting infected. Practised safe, hygienically and disposed off immediately.

Can a patient helps/ treats self?

Yes, of course. Under doctor’s guidance ones the correct points are found, patient can be asked to stimulate them off and on for effective results.

What is the difference between Sujok and Chinese acupuncture?

Concepts and principles are almost similar in both, as in Sujok too we Work on meridians partially. Sujok is mainly based on Triorigin theory given by Prof Park Jae woo, a Korean enthusiast who was the founder and sujok saint. Sujok treatment application is only done only hands on feet, unlike in the whole body as in Chinese acupuncture.

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