Dr.Harsha Choudhary

Dr.Harsha Choudhary
Consultant Homeopath
Expert Sujok healer
Eminent Clinical Nutritionist

Harsha’s Healing is a multispeciality clinic which is run by Dr.Harsha Choudhary. Graduated in homeopathy from Bhopal. She has got 6 years of experience in the field of homeopathy. She has mastered the best form of alternative healing, which is available to mankind and that is Sujok. She is also done her Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and another Diploma in Child Healthcare.

Being an enthusiastic, dedicated doctor, she has served the Government Sector as a Medical Officer in National Health Mission for three long years.

She has mastered the therapies under Sujok umbrella viz four zone, 8 zone, Smile Taiji, Tri Origin Acupuncture, EFT (energy systems: Chakra Energy System, Diamond energy system) 6 ki, 8 ki, Sujok ki twist therapy and Smile Meditation.

She is blessed enough to learn the therapies directly under the guidance of the inventor, Professor Park Jae Woo, an eminent Korean scientist and philosopher.

She excels in Inspirational lectures, Sujok awareness sessions, meditation sessions, health awareness sessions in Educational Institutes and communities.

Her passion to make everyone around her smile, motivated her to conceive the magical institution Harsha Healing which has positively transformed the lives of individuals.

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